Breast surgery loan comparison January 2020

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Breast cosmetic surgery – demarcations

Breast cosmetic surgery - demarcations

If breast surgery is done for aesthetic reasons, e.g. because the woman wants a fuller breast in order to feel more visually attractive, then it is an operation that is not considered medically necessary by the health insurance companies, just like a breast lift. There is a difference in breast reduction surgery. Here it depends on the medical indication whether the health insurers will cover the costs or, alternatively, consider a loan for breast reduction. If the operation only serves the sensation of beauty, then the woman bears the costs herself.

The costs differ according to the explicit intervention and also according to the individual requirements. They are usually in the higher four-digit range, which is why borrowing is not uncommon.

A loan for breast enlargement, breast reduction or breast lift is in most cases taken out as a free installment loan. The installment loan allows precise financial planning, the repayment is made in monthly installments, the interest rate does not change during the term because it is fixed. In addition, the interest rate is reduced for many providers, the longer the term is. However, the loan rate may also depend on the borrower’s credit rating. If this turns out to be inadequate, the loan interest rate rises, additional collateral such as assignment of wages and salaries or property may be required.

Fund breast surgery with a credit line

Fund breast surgery with a credit line

The market for the framework credit or on-demand credit is increasing due to the offers of the direct banks. This flexible credit model, which is also used for overdraft facilities, is much more flexible for the borrower in the repayment options. He pays a minimum monthly amount, but is otherwise relatively free when it comes to repaying the loan more quickly. He has the option of making special payments and the replacement of the remaining amount in one amount is easily possible at numerous banks.

Interest is only charged for the amount that is actually used. For example, if a woman wants to take out a breast lift loan and receives a credit line of 8,000 USD, but only has 7,000 USD, then only 7,000 USD will be charged. In addition, the framework credit increases again with the repayment, so that further disposals up to the credit line are possible.