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The customer can choose a car bank and also get this car loan there.

Postident information

The Postident procedure is used whenever the customer makes an application that is not made in person. For example, some providers only grant a car loan on the Internet if the Postident procedure is carried out.

To do this, the customer must go to a post office with his ID and the Postident form. There he must have his identity confirmed with his identity card. This procedure is used to avoid fraudsters. Nobody can apply for a car loan without having their identity verified.

A stranger has no chance to use a different name. A car loan without Postident can also be taken out.

Bank without Postident

Bank without Postident

If you want to apply for a loan without Postident, you can do this at the house bank. The customer is personally on site. The bank employee can confirm the identity immediately with the ID. The customer is sitting right in front of him.

The Postident procedure therefore does not have to be used. The same applies to a car bank. The customer is not on site at the bank here. However, the dealer can confirm the identity when the sales talk is held. This method is therefore not used here either. This is not always possible on the Internet.

But there are also exceptions that use a different procedure.

Car loan without Postident – different procedures

Car loan without Postident - different procedures

Many direct banks on the Internet use the Postident procedure. But a car loan without Postident can also be taken out. The search for it will take some time, but there are providers with a different procedure. Meanwhile, more and more people are using the video identification process. The customer does not have to go to a post office. He needs a webcam, his ID and a computer.

A video chat with the provider is started with the ID. The customer must sit in front of the webcam with the ID. The employee can thus compare the ID card with the person on the picture of the cam. This also confirms the identity so that a car loan can be taken out without a Postident.

Car loan – nothing works without creditworthiness

Car loan - nothing works without creditworthiness

A car loan without Postident can be taken out if the creditworthiness is available. The customer has to present his or her proof of salary, regardless of whether it is the house bank, car bank or direct bank.

In addition, the lender would like to know what employment the applicant is in. If he has a temporary contract, the loan must be repaid during this time. Otherwise, additional credit security can ensure sufficient creditworthiness. The applicant should be of legal age and be registered in Germany.

Nothing works without creditworthiness. The lender does not want to lose money and prefers to reject an application if the creditworthiness is too bad.

Second applicant – normal for car loans

Second applicant - normal for car loans

It is normal for an applicant for a car loan without a Postident to have a second applicant to help. Especially when the income is not very high, it can make sense to have this person at your side. The confirmatory applicant must provide evidence of a attachable income with the pay slips. The bank has two salaries for this application, which are added together.

On the one hand, the borrower can expect better credit terms. On the other hand, a credit default risk is minimized and a car loan without Postident is granted faster.

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